Tuesday April 12, 2016

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401k: BUY (see below)
VXX: APR 15 2016 20C
Long Term: Bear Market, targeting SPX <666 by 2022

$NYAD was +19.60% and $NYUD was +9.72% today.

Another solid day higher with $NYAD and &NYUD, though Percent above 50dma and 20dma continue to slide lower. So even though my signals went long today, I am hesitent to jump back into my 401k.


Price jumped back above the 20 dma today. Blue 20dma is still well above the orange 50 dma and we remain above the 100 (red) and 200 (purple) dma.

The descending trend in volume since early Feb is another warning sign for bulls (the black crosses are the 20 dma of volume).

Meanwhile the bolinger band continues to tigthen,  in fact they are the tightest since 19 August (!!!!!).  This all lines up with the big picture count of a 3 of 3 of 1 lower coming!

Some targets would be 2020 (bottom of the daily BB), 2011 (200 dma), 1990 (100 dma). The last 2 targets are trending lower while the first is trending higher.


Yet another bounce off the 2043 pivot. What a ping pong ball!


Today we made a new high at 2065.1. Looks lile a complex w2 higher which again can be labeled as complete.

VIX (Hourly)

VIX went limp today, though we countinue to see values in the upper half of the bolinger band, with %BB below continuing its uptrend.

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Note: I want you to know that although I have taken the steps to start the subscription business, I will continue to offer the free service through May 2016. I want there to be a good record of (hopefully) accomplishment. Plus I don’t want to spring anything on anyone unfairly. I thought 3 months was enough lead time. I also want to present something nice, and well worth your visit (and subscription).


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