401k signals

Calendar Year Signals

I chart when I actually get in and out of my 401k at Close of Business. Oftentimes the signal is from the prior trading day.



Here are my signal rules and things you should know…

  • When I say I am long 401k, I have 100% of my available funds in an index fund, otherwise I am 100% in an interest account waiting for the market to stop going down
  • My signals when triggered usually are good for 5-15 trading days
  • If I enter before 12p ET, I buy in close of business. Otherwise its close of business the following market day
  • I will do my 401K trades so they don’t buy/sell until the end of the next market day 99.9% of the time
  • I only post signals EOD, to prevent whipsaws 
  • I can only go long using up to 5 index funds, no going short, no individual stocks/bonds
  • 99.9% of time I trade a small/mid stock fund as I am chasing Beta
  • When I am not long the market, my money makes low interest
  • My goal is to gain 1% in the market averaging out every month. So at the end of the year I hope to at least gain 12% in the market plus interest.