I am in my mid 30s, live in the western part of the USA, and work full time. I am a scientist with natural pattern recognition and statistical skills I use everyday. This along with my love of money (for securing my family’s future) is what drove me to following the markets, observing the entire 2007-2009 collapse. I have studied it quite closely, and others in the past to start giving me the potential to see the long term roadmap of the market. This, along with short term daily move are much harder to me than swing trades which I use with success to beat the market for my 401K. I use these same methods to swing trade VXX options with my entire trading account to make money on the side. I have a wonderful wife and young child which are my true inspirations in life. I lean pretty far to the right but am able to be civil with those who don’t share my views. I am a Libra and like to maintain harmony in any room. I am quite introverted initially then warm up quickly with my peers.