Elliott Wave Theory

I believe in Elliott Wave Theory.

However, I differ in when/how I apply it in my trading strategy. First off, one must recognize given the many rules of Elliott Wave Theory (EWT), that traders often times differ on the count. Why? Because each trader subconsciously applies their own bias of the current situation into their count and trade off of that. I can’t tell you the number of times I have followed a great EW theorist apply bearish counts even after a new Bull market has gone underway. The same can be said of Bullish EW theorists refusing to even entertain a bear count because they KNOW we are still in a Bull market. Daneric was the first example from 2009-2011 and Caldero the second from 2014-2015. Both great EW theorists, but both were quite wrong during significant times.

I use EWT to provide potential road maps AFTER carefully assessing the technical indicators from multiple trading vehicles at different time lengths. Further, I apply other well tested theories such as Elliott Wave Theory and Hindenburg Omens (see menu for detailed explanation). Both of these gave me clear indication as early as late 2014 that a Bear market would unfold starting in 2015. In fact, one is underway from May 2015.

I don’t use eSignal, but they have an excellent reference for you to download that covers basic TA, EWT, Fibonacci numbers and Gann here: http://www.esignal.com/support/advancedget/manual/