Puetz Crash Window




Steve Puetz (mathematician, statistician, and financial expert *1) has found that many of the stock market crashes have occurred in proximity of a lunar eclipse close to a solar eclipse.

“He emphasized that he is not contending that full moons close to solar eclipses cause market crashes. But he does conclude that a full moon in general and a lunar (eclipse) full moon close to solar eclipses, in particular, seem to be the triggering device that allows for the rapid transformation of investor psychology from manic greed to paranoia. He asks what the odds are that eight of the greatest market crashes in history would accidentally fall within a time period of six days before to three days after a full moon that occurred within six weeks of a solar eclipse? His answer is that for all eight crashes to accidentally fall within the required intervals would be .23 raised to the eighth power less than one chance in 127,000.” *2

“. . .Puetz used eight previous crashes in various markets from the Holland Tulip Mania in 1637 through the Tokyo crash in 1990. He noted that market crashes tend to be lumped near the full moons that are also lunar eclipses. In fact, he states, the greatest number of crashes start after the first full moon after a solar eclipse when that full moon is also a lunar eclipse . . Once the panic starts, Puetz notes, it generally lasts from two to four weeks. The tendency has been for the markets to peak a few days ahead of the full moon, move flat to slightly lower –waiting for the full moon to pass. Then on the day of the full moon or slightly after, the brunt of the crash hits the marketplace.” *2

Let me frame it like this. First you have to have a fragile market. Yes a bear market would qualify, such as we are in now. In the right market state, Puetz crash windows are more likely to occur.

It just so happens we have a solar eclipse  on March 8-9 2016 (seen from Asia, Australia and Alaska). 2 weeks later, a partial lunar eclipse on March 23 2016 (seen from Asia, Australia and the Americas).

Now you all know that my Elliott Wave count is that we are finishing Wave 2 higher after Wave 1 Dec 2015-mid Feb 2016. Wave 3 lower should be quite strong. So we have a bear market, a Puetz crash window and a count of us heading into Wave 3 lower. These are the situations that a Puetz crash window pans out.

Future dates to remember:
Sept 1 2016 solar eclipse, Sept 16/17 2016 lunar eclipse
July 13 2018 solar eclipse, July 27/28 2018 lunar eclipse

1 http://thescientificworldview.blogspot.com/2010/04/meet-steve-puetz.html

2 http://thespiritoftruth.blogspot.com/2012/05/puetz-eclipse-crash-window-just.html