Technical Analysis

In looking for clues in the short term market, I will open a chart of any vehicle (I prefer all hours trading if available) at the 1 minute level. Then, I slap a long duration indicator on it, such as MACD (200,600,9). Given the tremendous amount of data, I find the indicators do better in this regard at showing divergences and such. 

Another thing I do, is use hourly charts as if it was the daily time frame, daily as if it was weekly and so on. This is another way to cram more data for the indicators (using typically normal values in these cases) without losing out on moves because more time has elapsed. I find it very effective.

Lastly, another one of my technical analysis schemes, is to overlay an indicator on an indicator. Lets say you are interested in daily moves of a vehicle for a swing trade. Start with hourly data. Then adjust the length of your indicator based on what works best, perhaps keeping it the default, or extending it out a bit. Then, throw an indicator atop the other indicator. Example, I love plotting indicators such as CCI, Williams%R, Ultimate, etc and adjust the duration. Then throw a longer than normal full STO on it, and you will be amazed at the results. In these cases, you are adding more data without losing out on time, and creating a trigger for oscillators such as those mentioned above, setting you up for entry just before a large move.